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Or better yet, my day is better when I choose what I want from it.

I’m frequently reminded – by life¬† and observing others around me – about the importance of making the most of every day. Even if I don’t necessarily feel like doing what I’m doing. Even when work isn’t going well or people are being annoying I’d rather be somewhere else or if I don’t feel well or whatever else could go into making a day less than stellar. Even if what I want involves something to be different that is outside my realm of control.

Do we really want to be cranky because it’s Wednesday and there are three more days until the weekend? Or that the weekend was too short? Or that the weather isn’t what we’d like it to be? Or that we don’t have the financial resources we’d like to have? Or that a relationship isn’t what we want it to be?

Or do we want to make a choice to shift our “want” and realize how much there is in any situation that is within our control? Attitude, perspective, actions – always our choice. To want to be content and make the most of whatever the day has in store. To want to take some step forward in at least one goal. To want be a positive presence in someone else’s life. If these are the kinds of things I want from my day, then it is bound to be a good day.

Today is all we have. This moment is all we can live. Right now – this is it.

What do you want from today?  Choose wisely. Today is the only opportunity you have to live this day.


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Life happens.
Sometimes a lot of life happens at once and suddenly there’s a lot to deal with.
A lot to think about.
A lot to feel.
A lot to figure out.

It can seem overwhelming and then I don’t want to deal with any of it.
Or think about any of it.
Or feel any of it.
Or figure any of it out.

But I feel mired in all of it – like when you’re standing at the water’s edge at the beach and the movement of the water makes your feet sink into the wet sand. Of course I know I can move, but I feel stuck. Immobilized.

So then I pick three things I know I can do. Three things that don’t involve a lot of thought and don’t have emotions attached to them. Like this:

1. Vacuum.
2. Wash dishes
3. Clear off dining room table.

Once they are finished, I pick three more.

1. Take out trash
2. Return books to the library
3. Drop off recycling

And then I find three more.

1. Take a walk
2. Read a magazine.
3. Write a note to someone.

These lists have nothing to do with everything I need to think about and figure out. They don’t make all that go away. They don’t resolve any of it. But they do get me moving and they get me focused on something else for a while. And they bring the satisfaction of accomplishing something. Anything. Life is still there to deal with, but sometimes a shift in focus can work wonders.

Easy as 1-2-3.
…then 1-2-3 more.
……Repeat as needed.

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